Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jury Duty
One of the rare duties that regular citizens are called to participate in, is the jury process. I moved to Tazewell County in Illinois some 19 years ago and have not been selected in the random process of jury selection, until this last week.
Following the orders on the form I reported to the jury room at 8:30 AM ( Ipad in hand - thank goodness) to wait most of the morning until they started calling names to line up single file down the center of the room around 11:30. Then after they get about 15 of us in line they tell us to report back at 1:20 - we can go to lunch.
After lunch I was walking back and received a call from the jury office asking my ETA - they were going to send us out as soon as we reported back - that turned out to be at 2:00.
Finally made it to the courtroom and after being questioned about very random things, was sworn in and told to report the next day - thankfully I was in the first group as the next day I was told the others didn't get out till nearly 5:00.


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