Monday, April 02, 2012


For the next two days we were herded back and forth from the jury room to the courtroom - always a word from the judge thanking us for our patience. The young man charged with four felonies had one dropped and the others left for our deliberation.

It is a little unnerving the amount of information that it actually takes to convince twelve jurors "beyond a reasonable doubt" . It seems that when you get twelve random people in a room it is very difficult to convince all of them of anything. ( This may be hope people can get away with things ie: O J /Casey Anthony )

After several hours and some bad feelings among at least one juror ( see signed I think mainly just to get it over with as she wasn't going to sway the other eleven to her point of view) So the young man that stood before us was found Guilty of the three counts and will be sentenced to jail on May 25th.

The next day in the paper the news article stated that he had been arrested 17 times since he was 17 years old - something that we had no idea of during the trial - Seems that we made the right decision.


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