Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Show's are a Coming

 During the off season (the winter months)  it is my job to stay on task and get new pieces ready for the upcoming blitz of shows that are the summer. I have got a few ready, and have some more images to upload later on the site. I always worry that it is enough - my mind goes to other artist booths that look the same every year. While there is some need to be familiar and recognizable, you still want to be fresh and have new things.

 Last year I expanded into shaped canvases and that proved very nice on the show circuit. This year I may have pushed the envelope too far ( we will see at the first show coming up - Old Capital in Springfield) I know after last year that this new one will sell - it just blurs the boundery of painting and 3D. This might cause me some problems at the bigger shows - but it is a chance that I will take.


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