Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something wrong here

I haven't posted in a while - I get in these funks that I just seem to not be as energized as usual - It could be that I have been busy/productive at work - and haven't had the time to blog ( because I never blog at home) It could even be that the pressure writing something interesting enough to read has got to me. Or that all the going and doing in the art community has me all frazzled. ( It seems that every other week I "have " to go to some major event to talk or listen or just generally hob-knob with art people about the reduction of state funds. It is hard for me to feel bad as our lovely state hasn't paid some of it's bills for more than a year. The Woman and I have friends that are losing their jobs -one of them has been at hers for 25 years and now is unemployed as the state owes her firm over a million dollars - so it's hard to say that artists are more deserving - Besides most of them that I know would just party it up if they had lots of government monies)

I really don't have any good explanation for the lapse - I have been working - not so much on painting though. The main problem is I don't like either piece that I have started - maybe if I just put them aside and start something new .... Although I hate doing that - Because sometimes I just don't get back to it. I need to do something though as I haven't got near enough done for this summer.

The main thing that I have to rectify is that Amy Boettcher has posted like three times since the last time I did - Blogs aren't really competitive - but that's just crazy!

Think I'm going to throw off those paintings that are bringing me down and do something that I have a shot at finishing on this long weekend. Wish me luck

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