Thursday, March 31, 2011


I haven't been posting anything ....because I've actually been very productive. Since I finished the commission painting ( I should post a picture of it - the clients did love it) and finished the Spring Bloom art show in Bloomington. I've been taking care of business, now that could be from helping The Woman paint our bedroom and put up trim and build stairs to the unfinished loft.

It might even be the still ever closer deadlines for the mid to late summer shows. Could be that I've been out stretching new canvases, and maybe even starting one! Could be that I've been doing all those things - in addition to consolidating two floors to one at work - it has been crazy!

I have managed to get in the studio to start Crown Candy early this week - sketched it out Saturday and got a first coat on some areas - Finished the roof and dormer Monday - Tuesday made it down to the second story -shaded some of the bricks and started the windows (Sorry for the small photo I had my phone camera resolution set really low - I just learn how to take a photo and send it to myself for use on the blog)

Last night I moved on down to the awning and the Crown Sign - tonight I hope to get started on the lower window area and maybe finish up some of the others that I have roughed in -My hope is to finish this by Sunday as I have the Queeny Park Show in St. Louis next weekend.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Commission Finished

The past month I've been working on a commission piece - La Salle Street Station. It was a somewhat difficult piece as the building has been razed and I have to work off slides that the client has furnished.

The entrance doorway ( the subject of the painting ) was difficult to photograph because of the size (about three stories tall ) and the fact that the elevated train ran right out front - so you had to stand close.

I am pleased with the finished piece - lets hope my clients are also - if so then I can move on to another painting. Have to get ready for St. Louis in early April - 8th/9th/ 10th.

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