Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still in Pain

After I kicked the witch doctor to the curb my wallet is fatter but my arm and shoulder still are in pain when I sit at my desk or lie down. I've sort of moved things around so that I can tolerate it for the most part. Thinking I might have to go see a real doctor - good thing the health care bill just passed.

Had an indoor show in Bloomington - Spring Bloom - first one of the season and I have to agree with one of my art friends Charlotte Behrens ( Fused Glass ) that it's good just to set up and take inventory of what you need for the upcoming show season. It wasn't the busiest show I've been to, but least it gives you an opportunity to make a little bit of money to send to other shows.

Been working on a presentation that I've got an opportunity to compete in thanks to the Art Guild. The Deloitte Review a semi-annual magazine has contacted the Guild and requested that a few of the local artists submit work that may be featured in one of their upcoming publications. This is a really big deal if accepted but the competition as always is very, very good. I'll be up against the cream of the local MFA crop.

I turn in my images soon and hopefully I can get back to work on painting this weekend as I have to finish the ones for the historical show at the end of April.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prints Baby

All my life I've tried to reproduce my drawings or paintings in some way and have chased that dream ( most of the time to the dismay of The Woman as it took much needed finances away from other needed things ). Finally technology has caught up to what I want to do at home.

I've been printing on canvas lately and it seems to be going over well with the public. It is still amazing to me that I call the image up on the computer of one of my paintings and make some adjustments on the preference field of my printer and press a button. Out comes as many as I've called for and usually less than a couple minutes a print.

As I stated yesterday I have my first show of the season ( and the first show that I will have the new canvas prints) in Bloomington this weekend. Spring Bloom is appropriately on the first day of spring and it looks to be a rainy weekend ( which is good for an indoor spring show ) so hopefully people will be tempted to attend as they really can't do anything outside.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Forward

Well I've been to the witch doctor twice and I still have the pain in the neck/back/and arm, so I done with that thing. The last visit was all of about 10 minutes and " I'll need to see you in a week" sorry - I think I'll just suffer through it and keep my twenty dollar co-pay.

This last weekend was the time change, which is great because I seem to get more done when it's light out. The only problem is that it is a little darker in the morning. This usually doesn't bother me too much but this morning I grabbed my shoes ( really sandals ) and put them on in the darkened room and when I got to work I noticed that they were different ( I have a pair just like them at home) One has an open toe and the other is a closed toe. Naturally I showed everyone at work so we could get a laugh out of it.

This next weekend is my first show of the season - Spring Bloom in Bloomington - so I will be spending the week getting ready for the hoards of art buyers that are surely coming out to this event.

Things are slowing down for me a little at work - the first shipment of spring samples are on there way to our customers - the three color books are at the sample maker - and I'm down to the last book - just in time for summer shows - man my life is good!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pain in the Neck ( and arm and back)

Since about Christmas I've had what I thought was a pulled muscle or something in my back - right in the middle of my shoulder blades. The kind that makes it difficult to breath deeply. It comes and goes and with the help of muscle rub and periods of rest I've tolerated it.

Here lately with the explosion of color books and 1400 new SKU's that need to be entered on the computer it has been killing me. I start out the day fine but as it goes on the pain keeps shooting and I get rather grumpy. Usually hits about the time I'm going home - much to the dismay of The Woman and to the detriment of getting any painting done.

I'm finally breaking down and going to see a doctor - At this point I'd see a voodoo priestess and have her rub a raw egg over me - kill a chicken - whatever if the pain would just go away.

So wish me luck !!

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