Friday, May 20, 2011

Forgive me Father ...

It has been almost a month since the last post .

I've had two more outdoor shows since then - one in Elmhurst - the other in Peoria Heights. The Elmhurst event was cold and rainy and very windy ( so glad for the new tent -very stable ) but the people just didn't come out to but at all. Some friends came up to spend the day - Loren and Linda Wilmot ( the latter is the world famous artist - this show was way beneath her) with the weather even looking worse the next day, we cut our losses and headed home. I don't think I'll be doing that show again.

The Peoria Heights show was beautiful - the day was sunny and warm - the people came to see and to buy - all in all a great one day event ( did I say that my sexy wife was one of the ladies in charge!)

I've just finished Saputos for the upcoming Old Capital Art Festival - I'm booth 138 on the Capital grounds. Hopefully we will have good weather and great crowds of people. This is a very well established and difficult to get into show, so I hope to make a good impression!

I've also been dabbling in a new venture - little fake "etch - a - sketches " the are little reverse line drawings on acetate - then sprayed with aluminum paint and framed in the distinctive style that people are familiar with. I hope to offer these special order drawings for people who are looking for unique one of a kind gifts ( I already have orders for Fathers Day)

Well that's about it - I'm in good shape for Springfield - next I'll be working on Iowa City and "John's Grocery" - Then I'm off to Cancun for a week of rest and swim out bars!!

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