Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stilt Walking and Labor Day

Kaleb has a stilt walking gig in Delavan this weekend and at 14 that means someone has to take him. The first day The Woman and I went to the Fun Fair - The Woman found solace in the Bingo Tent and I found the Famous Walleye Sandwich guy.
The Famous Walleye Sandwich is one of the reasons that I love going to the Lincoln show and here he was again. Two weekends in a row I get the Famous Walleye!

Today it will probably fall on me to take stilt boy to Delavan - but the walleye guy will make it all worthwhile.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Started New One

Last night took two of the fresh canvases and sketched out the next paintings. The one I started is a view of the City Hall doorway with the Sister City Clock at the left hand side. The doorway is interesting and the clock gives it a nice vertical presence. I have a month to maybe get both painting finished in anticipation of the Peoria Art Guide Riverfront Show. Still waiting on the call up, being on a wait list sort of stinks.

Tonight is the Bohemian Meeting at the Rhythm Kitchen so might not get so much done. We will be at football and a festival in Delavan ( Kaleb the professional stilt walker is working there for three days )

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two More Canvases

The Woman had to work late this evening so I took advantage of the time and stretched two more canvases. I also finally finished GAR Hall. I have no idea what is next but I'll figure it out by tomorrow night.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Canvas

Took advantage of nice weather ( Not blistering hot and humid ) to stretch some canvases last night. Then I actually arranged some images for my camera to my computer so I will be set to paint ( and also finally get some images up to the blog site- so you may want to revisit some of the previous posts to see those soon). I have some really cool paintings coming up from San Francisco - and a few more from New York.
I will probably try to get another Peoria painting finished before the Art Guild show in late September ( I'm still hoping for the call up from the wait list - but time is running out )
The Woman has to work late tonight, so hopefully I can continue to ride the wave of creativity.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Two Weeks Off

The next show is in Galesburg and its not for two weeks. That gives me lots of time to paint and get some things done for what I hope is a productive September.
The Woman started back to work today, so I'm free at lunch to take some photos and run errands.
Lincoln as always was a good show, the people there make your time very pleasant. Lots of shade in the park and even a few sales.
Should finish up GAR Hall tonight and hopefully start something else quickly for Galesburg.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Painting Trees and getting Ready for Lincoln

After dinner and going for a walk with my girlfriend ( The Woman) I began painting the trees that block the front of the GAR Hall - there has been a push to have them cut down as they block the facade of the building. I took the photos for the painting in early spring just as the trees were budding so they are fully leafed out and you can still see the building- also the play of the shadows falling against the wall will be interesting.
Also printing some "Tropics" for the Lincoln show this weekend and the two year anniversary of the blog. As I initially got the idea to start it in Lincoln.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Laura's Birthday

August has a lot of birthdays and today is my sister Laura's - she is 50 today - she says that she is middle aged - but how many 100 year old people do you know?

Today I'm having lunch at the riverfront with The Woman and getting some photos of the riverboat as it is underway. Hopefully I can get some of the boat and the city in the background.

I should be able to get some trees put in on the painting of the GAR Hall tonight as it is the last thing to finish. I will also have to get out to stretch some canvases for the next set of paintings, my camera is full of promising pieces.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow Time Flies

Today is Tom Walker's birthday - Happy Birthday buddy, hope your cleaning up in Vegas.

In case you didn't here I did not make the top ten fans to go to Wrigley on September 1st to get a chance to sing the "Seventh Inning Stretch". The Woman and I did get to go up and get some interesting photos for future paintings and I did make the top fifty and had my day on the Internet voting. I guess it's all for the best - because I'm really not the biggest Cub fan. I do love the game now as I've been going to more of them and painting the stadiums.

The show season has been good so far and I'm starting a very busy stretch of show activity. Champagne was this last weekend, an all day event in their downtown area. The show was from 10:00 to 8:00 and it was at times hectic. This next weekend is Lincoln, a two day show. It has always been a good show , so I hope it continues. I then have a weekend off and start the month of September off with Galesburg - then to Morton - teach a class for the IAL at ICC on the 20th and then hopefully end the month with a call-up for the Riverfront show put on by the Art Guild.

I have been painting, finally, and the GAR Hall is nearly finished. Mainly I've been making lots of prints for this upcoming month. Summer is tough to get much painting done as the pool and friends keep beckoning me outside to relax and enjoy the summer-which isn't a bad thing to have happen.

The kids are back in school and The Woman starts next week- soon the summer will be over and the pool will be a memory. So I better enjoy it while I can - I can always paint all winter.

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