Wednesday, November 26, 2008

21 Days

Wow it's been 21 days, or three weeks, since my last post. Seems that I was in some type of malaise - a dazed state of just existing. Not good for artists, not real good for anyone else. Although I didn't feel like painting much - I have been getting back into the studio a little at a time.

The Woman and I attended the 8x8 party at the Peoria Art Guild. Lots of artists donated small 8" x 8" pieces to be auctioned off for the Art Guild. I was told it was a huge success and to get ready for the 9"x 9"in 2009. (I did tell the gallery director that this approach would start getting problematic around 2015)

This is the day before Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to the extended weekend to get some things finished. I've had to switch paintings and am now currently working on something for Peoria Heights and maybe a few good days at it will put me on track.

It will be tough as there will be functions and activities to go to - but I have to get somethings ready for the Holiday season. Like redoing the display at the Clubs at Rivercity. (They love sports at the health club)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Enjoying a Brief Break

The past few days I have been taking it easy and relaxing with my girlfriend in the evenings. Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries and get ready for the next blur of activity. I did attend a Baseball event this last weekend ( note to any other artist thinking of doing this ....DON"T) , not a good thing at all. I've done some different events this year to see how things go, craft events are slow sales, art shows are good sales, baseball events are no sales. It was the first time that I didn't sell one item at a show all year.

I still have "Fenway" in the studio and will soon be back at it. College basketball starts in about a week and that is always my favorite time to paint. After "Fenway" I have a couple of canvases that will be started, probably one for Peoria Heights and the other revisit New York.

Winter is on the way and with it means lots of time inside to work. I have enough material to keep me busy all winter, I'll need to get some more canvases though.

I finally attended my last IAL meeting and I am free of that one night a month burden (The Woman is still on the board and will keep me apprised of activities - she's taking one for the team) Will be starting the new and improved "Leg Lamp" at some point this month - Got to get ready for the Festival of Lights the weekend after Thanksgiving. Wow , I better get on the stick !

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