Monday, April 25, 2011

Water for Elephants

My assistant is an avid reader, she loves to pick up the latest release and just dive in. One of her latest conquests was a book "Water for Elephants" and as with many of the "good" ones , she got all the people she knows to read it also ( She sort has her own little Oprah book club thing going).

Well, the movie was released this last weekend and since after reading the book you must go to the movie - we decided to meet in Iowa so the girls could all watch it together. So we loaded up the car and drove to Davenport so the ladies could watch together. Charlie came from Des Moines with her new friend Jamie (Yeah) - Chelsea rode with us with her friend Jeremy (Carl).

I had a different agenda - I was going to Iowa City to get some photos for paintings for the upcoming Summer of the Arts Show the first weekend in June. So as the other gents followed their girls to the theater, I went off to get some work done.

I spent about an hour walking around Iowa City and got some of the local hot spots ( and a few that I'm really excited about!)

On the way back to Davenport I took another shot at Wilton Candy - and it was open. So I went in and spent some time with Thelma ( the last time I was there they were closed due to a knee surgery - she still couldn't move around too well.) The ice cream soda was awesome - the inside is very nostalgic - the real jewels though are Thelma and George the owners. Hopefully I'll get some things finished and can drop something off the next time through.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Fair at Queeny Park

This last weekend my assistant and I attended the Spring Art Fair at Queeny Park. The show is held at an indoor arena in Ballwin Mo. and nice little area outside St Louis Mo. It still is a little too early to have a show outside, so it was nice to be inside - expecially since it was in the 90's outside and we were in the air conditioning, ( who would have thought we would be happy to be in the air conditioning in early April)
I did manage to finish Crown Candy for the show -

Although the show was well attended - It didn't seem that the people were in any hurry to part with there hard earned money - This is the second early show where sales have been very slow. Hard to say if it is just the economy or the season. It does seem that summer sales are much better.
My assistant and I did manage to go downtown one evening and partake of the cuisine at the Crown ( we shared a BLT and a Reuben and a malt) It was well worth the trip.

Friday, April 01, 2011

La Salle Street Station

I thought that I should post this image of the La Salle Station doorway.

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