Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wilton Candy Kitchen

On the way to "The Other Show" The Woman and I stopped by this little historic site in Wilton Iowa - The "Wilton Candy Kitchen" - it seems that this may be one of the oldest soda fountains in the USA. Opened in the 1860's it is steeped in soda tradition - "Red River" a Cherry/Strawberry syrup soda and a "Cinnamon Coke". On the way I was prepping The Woman for the taste sensations that were surly going to assault our taste buds. On-line reviews of the delights raved about homemade ice cream and butterscotch toppings and warnings about bringing cash as they don't accept any other payment methods - and the little reminder - phone first.

The trek off the highway (I-80) was short, about five miles, into the the home of the Wilton Beavers - following the signs to the Business District, we spy our objective. We pull in and park only to see a sign in the window - Closed.

A hand written sign states that they will open at 4:30 PM due to Thelma's Knee Surgery. All we could do was take some photos of the outside of the building and look in the window and drool at the cool little soda fountain.

So if you happen to be driving past Wilton on I-80 take a little detour and get some ice cream - as long as you phone first to make sure they are open!


Monday, June 28, 2010

The Other Show

This last weekend I was in Des Moines for "The Other Show"

Des Moines is a wonderful town that has a very active art community and because of this lots of art. From the two Sculpture Gardens downtown to the river walk/sky walk / pagoda / bridges / museum/ Metro Arts / and the really eclectic shops by the Capitol, it is a really great place for artists.

But on this weekend it is even more fantastic! The Downtown Art Festival (an three day event) draws in the finest artists in the country, and also an estimated 200,000 people.

If this was all there was it would be a great weekend - but - The Other Show is at the Varied Industries Building at the State Fair Grounds on the east side of the city. Some 300 artist are lucky enough to be inside in the air conditioning. Buses run to and from both shows and bring in the patrons. Although the attendance wasn't near the total for the downtown show it was far and away the best attended show I've been to in a long while.

The most amazing part is the cooperation of the art groups in allowing each show to grow its own fan base that feeds both shows making Des Moines the art mecca on that weekend in June.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday and off to Work!

I try to avoid going out and painting as much as possible but a very nice lady made me an offer I couldn't refuse to paint some things at her home and so I took the money. She contacted me several weeks ago and I've been on call since then - I've been waiting on another artists design to put on the walls. She sent me the e-mail with the image today and she would really like it finished before Fathers Day!

So it's off to work this weekend - Now my honey needs a date for the Peoria Chiefs game this evening.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Finished

The seventh hole at Pebble Beach - Not only in time for the US Open this weekend - but also for Fathers Day giving -Prints are available at

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Venting

I got an e-mail from another artist ,this happens a lot - as most of the local artists think I must have some magic wand that I wave to get things done my way. Most of them are just trying to find out how to better themselves or find a contact, and I'm happy to send them in the right direction, if I myself know the way.

Today though I received one that I am going to share with everyone that is willing to read this blog, and hopefully you will not burden someone with one like it. The e-mail simply states:

I was referred to you - I have art for sale. Please advise on
how and where to proceed. Thanks

Not only have I no idea who or what kind of medium this artist is in( because honestly why would I take the time to look at their work even if they had attached a link or a file) It is almost as if they think that I would be doing the world a favor by giving them all my gallery contacts.

Needless to say that I won't be answering that one - And I doubt if I'll be running into them at any shows that I'll be exhibiting at in the near future.
New Bed
I really had no idea of how a mattress could affect your life - as long as it had clean sheets, warm blankets, cute little comforter ( you can tell I'm either married or gay) -life was good.

That was before we got a new one - The Woman went to the mattress store and picked out a brand new mattress and after too many years to remember when we got it - replaced our old and well worn one with a new pillow top Serta Sleeper.

It's not the Temper Pedic that you can set wine glasses on the corner and jump up and down without spilling them - but that's OK - cause The Woman's wine glass is always empty before bedtime (Just kidding) . It's not one of those fancy Sleep Number things either - just a new unit.

The first thing that I noticed was that I almost needed a ladder to get into bed at night. New mattresses are very thick compared to the older ones. The second thing was that I had the most incredible nights sleep - I was like in a coma. After about two weeks my neck and shoulder pain that I've been fighting since Christmas is gone.

Now I know that it is not such a good idea to stash all the money from art shows in the mattress - especially if it is all in change!

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